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 over 20 years of expertise and experience in home construction, and there is no one better in the b

            I have over twenty years’ experience in construction,

carpentry and general remodeling services. There is no

one better in the business to provide an in-depth,

thorough and reliable home inspection than Pacific

Northwest Home Inspections LLC.             


Hi, my name is Charles Fuda. I am a Professionally

Licensed Home Inspector serving The Greater Pacific

Northwest area. I take extreme pride in my services and

I work hard for my clients to ensure I do the best job I

can. I will educate you on all points of the inspection

process as we go through this very important part of

home buying and selling. Communication is a very

important step in this process. With over twenty years’

of expertise and experience in home construction, I take

my time to make sure all questions you have are

answered and that you are completely satisfied that you

understand your inspection. My outlook is not just to

complete an inspection, but to build long lasting

relationships and trust with my clients and real estate

professionals. My belief is, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth

doing right.

Our Services

A comprehensive Home Inspection report includes

everything from your foundation to your roof. I do my best to deliver reports within 24 hours.

Wherever you are in your real estate transaction,

Pacific Northwest Home Inspections LLC can help.

I provide a thorough, objective analysis of your

property whether you are the buyer or the seller.

                                                                                                                                                                  10% discount for All Military Service members and veterans.

Featured Services

New Construction

This home inspection is performed when your newly

constructed home is finished and ready for occupancy.

This takes place prior to the final walk through by the

builder. You get critical information about your new

home prior to closing, giving the builder time to make

any necessary corrections before the purchase is


Condo, Townhome, Manufactured Home, Duplex, Multiplex Inspections

There are many aspects of condominiums, townhomes,

manufactured and mobile homes, duplexes and

multiplexes that differ from a permanent residence.

Similar to a full home inspection, I will review all visual

aspects of all major systems and structural components

of the home, as well as items specific to these types of


New Construction One-Year Anniversary

This home inspection is performed approximately 30

days before the expiration of the builder's one-year new

home warranty. This inspection addresses any

warranty-related concerns that you may want to bring

to the builder's attention. It will allow time for any

necessary repairs before the warranty expires. With

Pacific Northwest Home Inspections LLC new

construction inspections, you’ll know if your new home

was constructed with quality in mind, for your peace of


Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography (IR; also known as an Infrared

Thermal Scan) is a useful tool to help find anomalies

that may otherwise remain hidden in walls, floors and

ceilings. An anomaly is a situation that is otherwise not

to be expected under normal conditions. IR energy is

heat energy. Using IR, I interpret infrared images

looking for hidden defects such as leaks in the roof or

plumbing, or possibly missing wall or ceiling insulation.

I can also detect if an electrical component is reaching

critical temperature levels, or if no major issues exist at

all. For more info please contact Pacific Northwest

Home Inspections LLC.

Final Walk-Through Inspections

A walk-through inspection from Pacific Northwest

Home Inspections LLC will help you make certain that

the property you are buying is in the condition you

agreed to; noting both any agreed-upon repairs and

making sure nothing has gone wrong with the home

since your previous inspection. If you have any last

minute questions from your original inspection, have

concerns about any related repairs, or simply would like

a second opinion on your final walk-through, give

Pacific Northwest Home Inspections LLC a call.

Performed anywhere from a few hours to a few days

before closing, a walk-through inspection can give you

the peace of mind knowing your repairs were done

properly when you take possession of your new home.

Pre-Sale or Pre-Offer Walk-Through

In the midst of this very active real estate market in the

Pacific Northwest area, many home buyers find

themselves making multiple offers and paying for

several full-price home inspections. I recommend

ordering a Pre-Sale or Pre-Offer Walk-Through Home

Inspection. What this inspection does for you is it gives

you peace of mind, at a reduced price, before you

make the offer. Once your offer is accepted, then I will

come back out and provide you with a full inspection

report also at a reduced price.

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