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Bed bugs have proven to be a major problem in recent years. They were nearly eradicated in the 50s, but due to discontinuing the use of some toxic pesticides, as well as, the increase in international travel, the problem is worse than ever.

When you are traveling and staying in hotels, or even with friends, there is always a chance of bringing bed bugs with you back home, so inspecting your bed is a good way to make sure you aren’t at risk.

The seams of the mattress is a place where the bed bugs are easily detected. You can search for eggs, eggshells, and shed skin or even small dark spots of excrement.

Used furniture could also be a source of bedbugs. It might be better to avoid buying used furniture altogether, especially if it is made from soft materials.

To deal with an infestation, it’s better to consult a professional exterminator since a failed attempt could actually cause the infestation to spread throughout your home.

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