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Why use denim insulation? Denim insulation is gaining popularity every year, and for good reason. It has great properties to it that s not found in most other insulation. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Denim insulation is better for indoor air quality. Without the harmful VOC’s and fiberglass particles found in other insulation
  2. It is eco-friendly too. Most of it is made from about 85% recycled denim products, such as cloths.
  3. It is not a skin irritant like fiberglass is.
  4. It’s sustainable. Once it is used, it can be cleaned and recycled into new insulation in the future.

But there is always a downside to everything, and in the case of denim insulation, it is the cost. The average price is right around twice the cost of other insulation. Denim insulation is still a great alternative though.

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