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A ventless fireplace is a common thing to see in homes nowadays. In fact, more newer homes opt for this type of fireplace than it seems any other type. Old fireplaces had more maintenance and issues that cam up. It was also more expensive ti install chimneys and other types of vents for older style fireplaces.

But while ventless fireplaces are popular, cost-effective, and common – they do have their drawbacks. For instance, while they are “ventless”, they still need to vent to a certain extent. Any time carbon (i.e. wood, gas, etc) is burned, it creates moisture and particulate – and this needs to go somewhere. So if it doesn’t go outside, then where does it go? That’s right – in your home.

Many people worry about the health effects of this. While this is debated in many circles, we will not discuss that here. Instead, there are a few practical things you can do. For instance, ventless does not mean “maintenance-free”. Be sure to have your unit serviced and cleaned regularly. For the particulate that comes into your home, the ceilings and other items in that area may develop a slight black haze. Be sure to clean regularly, and keep an eye out for an unusual buildup.

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